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Please see all qualifications below for any available position. 



Position Title : Assistant Dance Coach 

Reports to : Head Directors

I. General Description : Assistant Dance Coach reports to the Head Dance Directors. This individual will be responsible for recruiting student athletes as well as assisting in the management of this activity program.

II. Functional Responsibilities

A. Assist the head coach with practice sessions, workouts and coaching responsibilities assigned.

B. Assist the head coach in all facets of office work, study hall, admissions, compliance and recruiting as determined and set forth by the head coach.

C. Develops a comprehensive and functional knowledge of the day to day services and maintains thorough familiarity with all rules and regulations.

D. Scouts for and recruits quality student-athletes as directed by the recruiting philosophy of the Head Coach.

E. Willingness to travel for events , shows and competitions

F. Assist in the development, preparation and/or revising of informational materials.

G. Assist in responding to inquiries and maintaining regular contact with prospective students.

H. Assist in the implementation of the academic programs including the monitoring of individual student progress, the enforcement of study and tutorial programs.

I. Works with student-athletes and monitors adherence to team rules and regulations concerning conduct, appearance, behavior and class attendance.

J.  Assist in promotional/fundraising activities as directed by the Head Coach.

K. Willingness to chauffeur athletes and equipment to and from practice and/or games.

L. Assist with the coordination of team travel

M. Meet attendance expectations as required for the position which may include a willingness to work unusual hours including evenings and week-ends as needed

III. Required Experience

A. At least two years dancing , coaching and/or teaching experience. 

IV. Required Educational Background :

Minimum of a diploma or GED from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning recognized by the US Department of Education.


Position Title : Administrative Assistant 

Reports to : Head Directors

I. General Description : At the direction of the head coach provides support to program  and provides clerical and administrative assistance as requested

II. Functional Responsibilities

A. Provides assistance for day to day operations with administrative functions as requested. 

B. Handle and updated all intended tracking of the functional dance season.

C. Notify program and assist with supply distribution

D. Assume other task and duties as requested. 

E. Maintain and improve client related services. 

III. Required Experience

A. Able to work in fast paced environment with multiple demands 

B. Comfort level with computer software and online reporting. 

IV. Required Educational Background :

A. Minimum experience of 1 year in office setting 

B. Diploma and/or GED from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning recognized by the US Department of Education.


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